Klara Goliger

Gothenburg based artist and producer Klara Goliger has been playing music since childhood. She started off studying classical composition but moved on to the electronic and took her bachelor in sound and music production from the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg.

Her solo debut “The Piano Chair” was released fall 2022, highly acknowledged by local journalists calling it “the most ambitious debut album from Gothenburg in many, many years”. (Johan Lindqvist, Göteborgs-Posten 10/11 2022) Her fragile, melancholic and clever pop has influences ranging from minimalism to jazz to dream pop with inspirations such as Fiona Apple, Steve Reich and Björk.

The album is recorded in classic Music-a-Matic studios. Piano, strings, bass guitar, organ and percussion carries the arrangements. Curiosity and intimacy has been guiding Klara and her co-producer Hannes Boeryd in the studio when they invited some of the city's most talented folk -and jazz musicians to record with them.

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“Starting from her piano chair, Klara Goliger from Gothenburg sends out a debut album that is close to sensational”
Johan Lindqvist, Göteborgsposten 2022-11-10

“It bursts with love for music, boils with knowledge of music. Everything with it is impressing” 

Jonathan Jacobsson Franzén, Gaffa, 2023-02-01

“Everything is incredibly heartfelt, and such truth can be reached on just a single listen.”
Rebekah Moseley, Glasse Factory, 2022-05-27


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