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ORCA Sounds was first Klaralinnéarecordings, created in the summer of 2019. Klara and Linnéa met at the bachelor program of Music and Sound Production at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. They soon realised they had a lot in common, sharing visions and dreams about their future in music.

They started out working together, renting a space in the great Studio Zen, where they made their first analog recordings and mixing jobs together. By the fall of 2020 they felt the need to expand into a bigger studio and got the opportunity to start working in the legendary studio Music-a-Matic, created and still run by Henryk Lipp. At Music-a-Matic they rent a space fully equipped with all of the preamps, microphones and outboards needed to be able to take on larger recording projects.

In 2021 klaralinnéarecordings became ORCA Sounds and grew a little bigger as they put together what they call their Sound Kitchen - a production space with synthesizers, keyboards and amplifiers, all set up for a creative and intuitive workflow, ideal for music production and songwriting.

Today, they both have a degree in music production and work full time with artists, bands and production teams to make great music and sounds.

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