Linnéa Ljungblad

Linnéa Ljungblad is an artist, musician and producer from Varberg, based in Gothenburg. Music and creating have been steady companions throughout most of her life, at the core of which has been a curiosity and exploration of sounds through different instruments, machines and voice, paving the way into music production.

Writing songs, playing instruments and being part of various bands has been her way of learning and enjoying music. At the same time she honed her craft experimenting her way through kulturskolan in Varberg, estetiska programmet at Peder Skrivares Gymnasium, a Diploma in Songwriting at BIMM London and a BA in Music and Sound Production at the University of Gothenburg.

In 2017 Linnéa created the music for the short film “I Slutet av Tunneln” by Ellen Carlsson Axberg and Emelie Koren. “I Slutet av Tunneln” won several awards, including Best Original Score at the national short film festival Novemberfestivalen in Trollhättan.

Since 2018 Linnéa is a member of Swedish realism-pop band Riga Tiger. They are currently working on their 4th album which will be recorded in 2022. She is also currently working on her solo debut album and her first single “Creases” will be released in 2022.

Linnéa’s interests in music are wide and vast; making pop music, sound art, music and sound for film, recording, mixing and producing for others. But the core is always the same - communication. For her, music is communication - the study of it, the complexity of it and the beauty of it.

Building Sound | 2021
Instrument experiment with piezo microphones and Arduino Uno microcontroller by Linnéa Ljungblad

ElectroPingis | 2019
Interactive sound installation with piezo microphones, ping pong table and DAW by Linnéa Ljungblad and Gustav Harborn

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